Grants from The Sheth Foundation typically fall into three major areas in support of the mission to advance marketing thought:

Knowledge Creation

Knowledge Creation

Knowledge Dissemination

Knowledge Dissemination

The Sheth Medal

Knowledge Recognition

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Reasons for our Investment

The Sheth Foundation’s investment in the advancement of marketing thought is in support of the not-for-profit organization’s mission. The support of academic scholarship, publications, education and research are the methods through which marketing thought is advanced.

How to Apply for a Grant

The Foundation works through tax-exempt, publicly-supported educational organizations focused on the discipline of marketing to award various grants to individuals and organizations. Only proposals from grant-awarding organizations are reviewed and approved by The Sheth Foundation board. Individuals must submit their proposals to the recognized organizations for consideration.

Submit a Proposal

Tax-exempt, publicly-supported educational organizations dedicated to the advancement of marketing thought may submit proposals by clicking here or send an email to President@TheShethFoundation.org after March 1st and no later than June 15th of each calendar year for award decisions in September of the same year.

Typical Timeline

  • Mar 01 – The Sheth Foundation begins accepting proposals from potential recipient organizations
  • Jun 15 – Proposals from potential recipient organizations are due
  • Sep 01 – Decisions on distribution of support are indicated to recipient organizations
  • Sep 15 – Checks are distributed to recipient organizations
Grants are made to recipients by our partner organizations that are dedicated to the development of marketing knowledge. Our funding is currently focused on these designated recipient organizations and others with very similar missions. These designated recipient organizations include:
Academy of International Business
Academy of Marketing Science
American Marketing Association
Association for Consumer Research
Indiana University
Society for Consumer Psychology
University of Illinois
University of Pittsburgh
If you are part of an organization with a similar mission, we recommend contacting the President of The Sheth Foundation (president@shethfoundation.org) to discuss the prospects of a grant prior to developing a proposal.