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ACR Long-term Paper Award with JCR

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Association for Consumer Research

This award, funded by the Sheth Foundation, is presented once every three years to honor the long-term contribution of an article that appeared in the Journal of Consumer ResearchEach winner receives a plaque and a financial award.


2020 ACR/Sheth Foundation Long-Term Contribution Award

The Association for Consumer Research (ACR) announced Marian Friestad and Peter Wright (both from the University of Oregon) as the two recipients of the 2020 ACR-Sheth Foundation Long Term Contribution in Consumer Research award at its annual conference in October. This award, funded by the Sheth Foundation, is presented once every three years to honor the long-term contribution of an article that has made an important impact on the field. Dr. June Cotte, Chair of the award committee, presented the award to honor the contribution of their article, “The Persuasion Knowledge Model: How People Cope with Persuasion Attempts.” Journal of Consumer Research 21, no. 1 (1994): 1-31.

“Dr. Friestad and Dr. Wright’s article has made a significant impact on the discipline of consumer research. This honor is given infrequently and reflects the substantial contribution that these scholars have made to the field,” said Dr. Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Executive Director and Board member of ACR.

Past Winners

2017 Morris B Holbrook and Elizabeth C Hirschman
“The Experiential Aspects of Consumption: Consumer Fantasies, Feeling and Fun.”
2014  Albert M. Muniz, Jr. and Thomas C. O’Guinn
“Brand Community” (2001), JCR 27 (March)
2011 Susan Fournier
“Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer
Research” (1998), JCR 24 (March)
2008 Joseph Alba and Wesley J. Hutchinson
“Dimensions of Consumer Expertise” (1987), JCR 13 (March)
2005 Russell Belk
“Possessions and the Extended Self” (1988), JCR 15 (September)
2002 Joel Huber, John Payne and Chris Puto
“Adding Asymmetrically Dominated Alternatives: Violations of Regularity and the
Similarity Hypothesis” (1982), JCR 9 (June)
JCR Long-Term Paper Award

It was a great honor for me to receive the JCR/Sheth Long-term Contribution Award. It was especially meaningful that it was sponsored by the Sheth Foundation inasmuch I spent the first two years of my career at a less research active university (at the time) and it was Jag Sheth who saw my potential and engineered my getting a job offer at the University of Illinois where he was then on the faculty. I stayed at the U of I for five years and it is fair to say that this position and Jag’s presence there helped launch my career. So as I approach retirement with nearly 500 publications including more than two dozen in JCR, it gives me a sense of having come full circle to receive this award.

Russell Belk
Russell Belk
Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing of York University