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AIB/Sheth Doctoral Consortium

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Academy for International Business

The Consortium will provide a unique opportunity for doctoral students to further develop their research ideas, to learn about the challenges of conducting international business research and building a successful academic career in this field, and to broaden their professional networks. The format of the Consortium will facilitate a constructive and supportive discussion among the doctoral students and the participating faculty on topics of broad interest such as new trends in conducting high-impact international business research, managing the dissertation stage and the job search process, and successful entry into the academic career. In addition, students will receive concrete feedback on their individual current research projects as well as ideas and guidance for their future research agenda.

The most suitable candidates for the Consortium are Ph.D. students in international business who have completed their course work, are in the dissertation stage of their programs, and have a relatively clear idea about their dissertation research. While all such candidates will be considered, preference will be given to those who have defended their dissertation proposals. Selection criteria will also include research potential of the dissertation topic and contribution to the disciplinary and geographical diversity of representation. In order to make the consortium an effective exchange forum, we will be restricting the number of participants to 40 and will emphasize quality and diversity in the selection.

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AIB Doctoral Student Consortium

My name is Jinsil Kim and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas. I have attended the AIB (Academy of International Business) conference last week in New Orleans and have had the privilege and honor of participating in the Sheth foundation doctoral consortium, as well as being the recipient of the 500$ travel stipend funded by the Sheth foundation. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and for the valuable opportunities you provide to students like myself to further learning and excellence in our field. Your generous scholarship has lightened my financial burden, allowing me to focus on my research, and your kindness has inspired me to pay the debt forward and give back to the community in the near future. Thank you so much again.

Jinsil Kim
Jinsil Kim
PhD candidate of University of Texas at Dallas
AIB Doctoral Student Consortium

I am a doctoral student from South Korea. I participated at 2016 AIB Doctoral Consortium in New Orleans. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to be in the consortium and learned many things. I was awarded with travel stipend which helped me a lot for financing my travel expense. I would like to say thank you to the Sheth Foundation for financing AIB doctoral student consortium and for the travel stipend. The consortium helped me with developing my dissertation further and meeting scholars from many different countries as well as doctoral students from different countries. I also learned a lot from many different interactive sessions and presentation during the conference. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and support provided by the Sheth Foundation. Thank you!

Su Yeon
Su Jin Yeon
Doctoral Student of South Korea