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EMAC/Sheth Foundation Sustainability Research Competition

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: European Marketing Academy

EMAC acknowledges the support of the Sheth Foundation for its support of the EMAC-Sheth Foundation Sustainability Research Competition.

The broad topic of sustainability is of increasing importance for marketing stakeholders around the globe. In recent years, many companies have discussed the need for firms to have a purpose that goes beyond mere shareholder value maximization. More and more politicians are talking about the need for accountable capitalism. Environmental, Social, and Governance goals (ESG) are becoming common for companies in many countries. Academic research has started to look deeper into these issues. Many important questions about sustainability remain unanswered.

The EMAC–Sheth Foundation Sustainability Research Competition is designed to encourage rigorous research on sustainability. We invite research proposals that address important issues related to sustainability. These include, but are not limited to, responsible production and consumption, gender equality; preservation of physical environment; reduction of poverty and inequality; and improvement of health and wellbeing. Proposals should have a clear marketing focus and address issues of importance to at least one set of marketing stakeholders (e.g., managers, consumers, and public policymakers).


EMAC/Sheth Foundation Sustainability Research Competition 2021 Results

Polina Landgraf, IE Business School, Spain
“Approaching Data Sustainability: How to Nudge Consumers (and Firms) to Adopt Sustainable Data Management Practices”

Jochen Hartmann, University of Hamburg, Germany
“The Business Value of Diversity”

EMAC/Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition 2020 Results

First Place:
Ms. Chi Hoang, Nanyang Business School, National Technological University,
“Resolving Humorous Incongruity in Advertising”

Second Place:
Ms. Sila Ada, Vienna University
“Quality Issues in Online Display Advertising”

Third Place:
Mr. Sebastian Schubach, University of Passau
“Online Shopping Beavhior and SEA Strategies”

2019 Results

First Place:
Sara van der Maelen, EDHEC Business School
“The Clash of the Titans: On Retailer and Manufacturer Vulnerability in Conflict Delistings”

Second Place:
Michiel van Crombrugge, Erasmus School of Economics
“The Impact of Adding a Brick-and-Mortar Direct Channel on  the Performance of the Online Direct Channel and Indirect Retail Channels”

Third Place:
Sally Bitterl, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
“When Consumers Become Project Backers: The Psychological Consequences of Participation in Crowdfunding”

The first, second and third place winners were awarded €5,000, €3,000, and €1,000 respectively.

2018 Results

First Place:

Niels Holtrop, Maastricht University
“No Future without the Past? Predicting Churn in the Face of Customer Privacy”

Second Place:

Andreas U. Lanz, University of Mannheim
“Climb or Jump – Status Based Seeding in User-Generated Content Networks”

Third Place:

Tetyana Kosyakova, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
“Measuring Substitution and Complementarity among Offers in Menu-Based Choice Experiments”

Cash awards of €5,000, €3,000, and €1,000have been forwarded to the first, second and third place winners. The winners were announced in the EMAC Newsletter on Monday (June 11, 2018).