Research is expensive for students and faculty members. The research efforts of MBA and Doctoral students are supported through grants from specific organizations.

A key component to Knowledge Creation is the support of current students – MBA and doctoral – in the advancement of research and creation of their dissertation.
  • Academy of Marketing Science – Sheth Excellence in Marketing Fund.
  • Association for Consumer Research – Dissertation support.
  • University of Illinois
    • Doctoral student dissertation support.
    • Doctoral student research support.
    • Student payroll and fellowships.
  • Academy of Indian Marketing – Fostering academic research unique to emerging markets

Several symposia have been supported through grants from The Sheth Foundation to increase the creation of knowledge through exchanges between learned colleagues.

The gathering of students and marketing scholars invokes opportunity for conversations which advance marketing thought through sharing experiences and research discoveries.
  • American Marketing Association
    • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Endowment Fund.
    • Collegiate Chapters Competition.
  • University of Pittsburgh – Southwest Pennsylvania Sheth Foundation Seminar.
  • University of Illinois
    • Last Lecture workshop.
    • Midwest Marketing Camp.
    • Research workshops.
  • University of Indiana – Pre-Haring Symposium.

Granting partners support students and faculty to travel to symposia to foster the exchange of marketing thought.

Travel grants to attend key marketing symposia are provided through several of our partner organizations:
  • Academy of International Business – Travel support for scholars to AIB annual meeting.
  • Academy of Marketing Science – Travel support for scholars.
  • American Marketing Association – Travel support for scholars to annual AMA conference.
  • University of Illinois – Doctoral travel awards.
  • University of Pittsburgh – CBA/MBA Student Travel.