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Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Association for Consumer Research

The ACR-Sheth Foundation Dissertation awards are intended for dissertations in the areas of public purpose or cross-cultural research. ACR’s Sheth Foundation liaison manages the process of soliciting nominations, reviewing the submissions, and determining the winners. Each winner receives a plaque and a financial award.

2020 ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Awards

The ACR Public-Purpose Dissertation Award – Winners:

  • Yu Ding (Advisor: Gita Johar, Columbia University) “Increasing Trust in Science”
  • Jay Zenkić (Advisors: Kobe Millet, VU Amsterdam, and Nicole Mead, York University) “When Cash Costs You: The Pain of Holding”
  • Vivian (Jieru) Xie (Advisor: Rajesh Bagchi, Virginia Tech) “The Effect of Ownership on Consumers’ Disposition Decisions: Research on Food Wastage and Recycling Behaviors”

The ACR Public-Purpose Dissertation Award – Honorable Mentions:

  • Amy Errmann (Advisor: Yuri Seo, University of Auckland Business School) “Mindful Consumption: Exploring Operational Mechanisms from an Evolutionary Lens”
  • Helen van der Sluis (Advisor: Adriana Samper and Andrea Morales, Arizona State University) “Responses to Gender-Based Price Variation: Differences or Discrimination?”
  • Dallas Novakowski (Advisor: Mehdi Mourali, University of Calgary) “Examining the Determinants of Security Consumption”
  • Burcak Bas (Advisor: Joachim Vosgerau, Bocconi University) “Are People Averse to Experiments? Reconciliation of Opposing Findings”

The ACR Cross-Cultural Dissertation Award – Winners:

  • Xiaodong [Elva] Nie (Advisors: Narayanan Janakiraman, The University of Texas at Arlington, and Zhiyong Yang, University of North Carolina at Greensboro) ”How Global-Local Identity Affects Consumer Preference between Sharing and Purchase: The Role of Traveler-Settler Mindset”

The ACR Cross-Cultural Dissertation Award – Honorable Mention:

  • Hyeyoon Jung (Advisor: Peter Magnusson, University of Alabama) “Coping With Negative Emotions in Intercultural Service Encounters”

2018 Public-Purpose Track
Yunqing Chen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, “The Identified Donor Effect,” (Advisor – Leilei Gao)

2018 Public-Purpose Track
Jessica Gamlin, Northwestern University, “Self-Sabotaging in Consumer Goal Pursuit,” (Advisor – Aparna Labroo)

2018 Cross-Cultural Track
Tanvi Gupta, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, “Tightness for Control or Looseness for Autonomy? Using the Interplay of Cultural Values and Conceptual Metaphors in Logo Design,” (Advisor – Avinash Mulky)