AMAF Sheth Doctoral Consortium

AMA-Sheth Doctoral Event to be held in Oslo at BI Norwegian Business School

Doug Bowman and Dr. Jagdish Sheth will be attending this year’s AMA-Sheth Doctoral Event being held in Oslo at BI Norwegian Business School. 120 PhD students are expected from around the globe as well as 120 faculty. This is the first time the event will be held outside of an English speaking country. The focus of the event will be sustainability/responsible marketing, new role(s) of technology and the implications for or field. This event will highlight The Sheth Foundation and Dr. Jagdish Sheth.

Learn more about the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium.

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2023 DEI Conference
A (“Parsu”) Parasuraman wins the 2023 ACR–Sheth Long Term Contribution in Consumer Research Award for his 1996 Journal of Marketing article, “The Behavioral Consequences of Service Quality”