Linda Price

Sheth Foundation Board Member Linda Price Named 2019 American Marketing Association (AMA) Fellow and 2019 Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Fellow

Linda L. Price, Philip H. Knight Chair at the Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon, and a member of the Sheth Foundation Board has received two prestigious awards this Fall ~ she has been named a 2019 American Marketing Association (AMA) Fellow and also named a 2019 Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Fellow. Linda’s colleagues from around the country have a deep appreciation for the wide-ranging contributions that she has made to them, to AMA and ACR, and to the marketing discipline.

Linda’s creativity and innovativeness are evident in her scholarly contributions in services, consumer behavior, strategy, and public policy. She has been visionary and thoughtful with the introduction of new concepts, and has considered contexts and their theoretical meanings in under-researched domains. She has published over 40 refereed journal articles, including seven articles in AMA journals, and ten articles inJournal of Consumer Research. The impact of her body of work is impressive, with over 18,000 Google Scholar citations.

Linda has given selflessly of her time, and many students and junior faculty have benefitted significantly from her dedication to mentoring. She has had an important imprint on several generations of scholars in our discipline, having attended the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium 11 of the past 15 years. Despite a seriousness about research, Linda’s enthusiasm, willingness to debate, and playfulness paved the way for lasting relationships with many of her students and colleagues. Linda’s research reflects contributions to a diverse set of substantive areas, and uses a broad range of research methods. She cares deeply that research is interesting, important, and done with integrity, and brings a diverse methodological toolkit to her research, allowing her research questions to guide her choice of method (be it survey data, experiments, or qualitative methods). Linda is known in the discipline for her engagement with ideas, rather than her ties to a particular methodological paradigm.

Linda has provided exceptional service to the marketing discipline. She served on the AMA Academic Council (2012-2018), and was a member of the leadership team from 2014-2018. Additionally, Linda served as President of ACR in 2014. Linda is active at marketing conferences and in sessions, and talking with colleagues at coffee breaks, lending her voice to conversations about bridging substantive and methodological domains for the betterment of the field. She has given her time and energy as an Editorial Review Board member of numerous journals consistently over the past two decades. She is currently an editor at Journal of Consumer Research.

Linda is an active Board Member of the Sheth Foundation (2014-2020), and in that capacity, has spearheaded a number of initiatives to nurture the relationship between AMA and the Sheth Foundation. For example, she worked to ensure that the Sheth Medal to Phil Kotler and Len Berry were awarded at the AMA summer conferences. Furthermore, Linda was instrumental in facilitating the support of the Sheth Foundation for the AMA-driven “Emerging Women in Marketing Leadership” workshop (organized by June Cotte).

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