Tomas Hult
President | Board Member Since 2010
Dr. Tomas Hult is Professor, Byington Endowed Chair, and Director of the International Business Center in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. He is also Executive Director of the Academy of International Business (AIB), President and Board Member of the Sheth Foundation, and serves on the U.S. District Export Council. Tomas Hult hosts the radio show globalEDGE Business Beat on the Michigan Business Network.

Hult is one of the world’s leading academic authorities (citations, publications) in marketing strategy, international business, international marketing, strategic management, global supply chains, and complex multinational corporations. He is one of only about 90 Elected Fellows of the Academy of International Business, an accolade achieved by only the elite international business scholars.

Professor Hult is coauthor with Charles W. L. Hill on the market-share leading textbooks in international business: Global Business Today and International Business – both published by McGraw Hill. He has also done popular business trade books on Second Shift, Global Supply Chain Management, and Total Global Strategy, and had works published in Time, Fortune, World Economic Forum, Lansing State Journal, and The Conversation, among others.

More information about Dr. Hult can be found at:

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