Located in Atlanta, Georgia as a supporting organization of the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, the Sheth Foundation has donated millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations around the world since its founding in 1991. The Sheth Foundation aims to support organizations and events aligned with the foundation’s goal to promote the development and recognition of scholars and marketing scholarship globally.


The mission of the Sheth Foundation is to promote the development of marketing scholarship and education by focusing on three areas: the creation of new academic works (Knowledge Creation), the recognition of marketing scholars for their contributions (Knowledge Recognition) and the increased distribution of marketing knowledge to individuals within the field (Knowledge Dissemination). The Sheth Foundation supports various organizations, awards and events that fulfill these goals.

The Sheth Foundation was founded by Dr. Jagdish & Madhu Sheth.

Jagdish Madhu Sheth 2021

Founders Welcome

When we started the Sheth Foundation in 1991, our aim was to help influence future generations of marketing professionals. But we also sought to inspire innovation in the field of marketing.

We found that the recipient organizations, those organizations through which Sheth Foundation grants are awarded, were the closest to the thinkers and researchers who add value to the marketing discipline. In considering the success of this organization, we, along with the invaluable Board of Members determined that these Recipient Organizations should evaluate and identify the brightest minds in the field.

We are delighted to find that our continuing goal of advancing in the field of marketing and related areas is being achieved through the promotion of knowledge, sustained academic scholarship, and research innovation.

– Jagdish & Madhu Sheth

Foundation Leadership

The Sheth Foundation is fortunate to count globally recognized marketing scholars as members of its dedicated, volunteer Board. These individuals hold professor and endowed chair positions at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. The current members include: