Over the years, many individuals have been the recipient of funding assistance through our granting partners and have achieved great successes using this support. Though The Sheth Foundation knows of the grants and awards its funding has been used for, it is always a delight to hear the perspectives and personal experiences of the persons who have been positively impacted by them. Please share your Sheth Foundation-funded grant story with us below.

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I would like to express my sincere thanks for being able to attend this year's AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium. The Sheth Foundation is doing an amazing job supporting young scholars in their research careers. This is of great help especially to foreign-born scholars, such as myself, who might not have been given sufficient opportunities in their respective home countries.

Sona Klucarova-Travani

I am doctoral student at Poznan University of Economics in Poland. I participated in AIB 2010 Doctoral Consortium. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to attend AIB Doctoral Consortium. I was awarded with travel stipend as well. I would like to thank you for financing AIB doctoral student consortium. The AIB Doctoral Consortium gave me an opportunity to: – enhance my dissertation – meet other scholars and connect with them – see what are international standards in area of international business scholarship and education – visit and sightsee Rio de Janeiro My research interest is international financial management. Thank you!

Maciej LobzaMA, Eng Doctoral Student of Poznan University of Economics al.

Jag Sheth is a charismatic, visionary scholar!

Yinlong Zhang

I am a doctoral student and a second-time recipient of a Sheth Foundation’s travel stipend to attend the AIB conference in Rio. I thought I would send you a word of appreciation to thank you very much for your generosity and dedication to the community in general and to the upcoming scholars in particular. I am sure many of us would simply not be able to attend these conferences without your kind support. For having discussed this with my fellows, I know you are definitely a role model who inspires us as future scholars.

Ali Taleb, MSc, MBAPhD Candidate (ABD) in Management of HEC Montreal, Canada

Dear Dr. Sheth, I wanted to thank you once again for the impact you had on me at the PhD Project Conference a few days ago. Your words gave me hope and inspired me to continue to pursue my academic endeavors with effervescence. I do not know if you remember who I am (young lady with big curly hair), but I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude. May you and your family always be blessed.

Dalila SalazarThe University of Texas at El Paso

The travel stipends that Sheth Foundation provides to Ph.D. students to attend annual meeting of AIB are critical to their success. My students have benefited from this generous support over the years. Thank you.

Tatiana KostovaUniversity of South Carolina

I was a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh from 1999 to 2004. The Sheth Foundation helped me start a project on consumers’ Willingness-to-pay. They generously provided financial supports for the data collection and a conference presentation (Marketing Science 2003). The findings of this project resulted in a publication at JMR in 2007. The project was critical to my academic career by giving me the first A pub. I am truly grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the Sheth Foundation.My students have benefited from this generous support over the years. Thank you.

Tuo WangAssistant Professor of Kent State University

The Sheth Foundation was instrumental in providing me with an opportunity during my PhD program to present my research and network with other researchers by funding travel to a major academic international conference. It allowed me to make contacts and learn about current research going on in the field of marketing, as well as receive valuable feedback to my own research.

Jelena SpanjolAssistant Professor of University of Illinois at Chicago

Most doctoral programs provide stipend for the doctoral students, but very little money for travel and conferences, this is true even for faculty at many places. We were lucky to have the Sheth travel money to cover our trips to some important conferences to know the most current research in our field and also start to socialize with the future colleague. And I have found that the trips I have been during my doctoral program very beneficial for my research program development. Over the years, I have developed three broad research topics such as self-construal, decision making and global-local identity, all these topics were partly initiated or developed from some conferences I attended back in my Pitt program.

Yinlong ZhangAssociate Professor of Marketing of COB, University of Texas at San Antonio

The Sheth Foundation allowed me to travel to a conference overseas which directly related to my research interests. That was my first exposure to researchers from all over the world doing interesting research and it helped foster my enthusiasm for that area. I eventually wrote my dissertation in that particular area and still continue to do research on that topic today. It was great to have the ability to connect with such scholars at such an early stage in my academic career.

Linda TuncayAssistant Professor of Loyola University

The Sheth Foundation ACR cross-cultural dissertation award has greatly benefited my research career. This award not only provided the funding that helped me to complete my dissertation on time, but also inspired me to continue with my research agenda on cross-cultural consumer behavior. This is particularly important given the multi-disciplinary nature of this field, which introduces additional challenges for researchers in the area.

Carlos TorelliAssistant Professor of University of Minnesota

The Sheth foundation supported my doctoral dissertation, which was a costly project. I am grateful for the financial support I received. The foundation also provided helpful comments on my work, which contributed positively to the quality of the dissertation. The foundation values and rewards work that is relevant not only to practitioners or academics, but also has implications for public policy. I am very thankful for their involvement in and continued support of the ACR doctoral dissertation awards.

Brent McFerranAssistant Professor of Marketing of University of British Columbia

It was a great honor for me to receive the JCR/Sheth Long-term Contribution Award. It was especially meaningful that it was sponsored by the Sheth Foundation inasmuch I spent the first two years of my career at a less research active university (at the time) and it was Jag Sheth who saw my potential and engineered my getting a job offer at the University of Illinois where he was then on the faculty. I stayed at the U of I for five years and it is fair to say that this position and Jag’s presence there helped launch my career. So as I approach retirement with nearly 500 publications including more than two dozen in JCR, it gives me a sense of having come full circle to receive this award.

Russell BelkKraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing of York University

It is a great honor to have been chosen for the ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Proposal 2009 Award. The award is a true testament of the Sheth Foundation commitment to excellence in marketing research. I am always inspired by Sheth’s work on relationship marketing and customer value. The award transforms that inspiration of mine into academic research that I’m proud to share with my colleagues in the field. Thank you.

Son LamAssistant Professor of Marketing of University of Georgia

I want to thank the Sheth Foundation for giving me the Early Career Contribution Award. The award had a significant impact on my career, since it recognized my work in the field.

Steve Nowlis

I attended the AIB 2017 conference in Dubai, and benefitted from the travel stipends sponsored by the Sheth Foundation. Thank you for providing me with such an opportunity. As a doctoral student, the doctoral consortium provided a great platform to present my research and get feedback from renowned scholars in the field.

Tess Onaji-Benson

Being a winner of the Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award (2006) has always been a great honor to me, and has a profound… impact on me throughout these years. It always inspires me to work hard, pursue excellence and excel in academic performance. Also it always reminds me of the spirit of “abundant life: to live a prosperous life through contributing to the marketing area. Generous financial support from the Sheth Foundation helps fulfill many doctoral students’ dreams and enrich their life experience through engaging in marketing activities. I always feel grateful to the Foundation for the wonderful memories and experience I had at the consortium, as well as the financial support at the critical stage of my doctoral study!!

Wang LiangyanAssistant Professor of Antai Management School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The SHETH Dissertation award in consumer psychology, for which I was a runner-up, is noteworthy to me in several respects. First, as part of the application process, the reviewers provided useful feedback on my proposal, which influenced my thinking and the subsequent experiments I ultimately carried out. Second, as a runner-up I was given funding to present at the Society for Consumer Psychology, which served as an excellent way to share and receive feedback on my dissertation as a graduate student. These were influential in my career as they culminated in successfully publishing my research in the society’s journal, the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Thus, to me, the award, and the activities attached to it, provided a remarkable means for cultivating and stimulating the thinking and ideas early in my career. I valued the experience so much that I urge Ph.D. students to apply for the award.

Derek RuckerAssociate Professor of Marketing of Northwestern University

Thanks to the Sheth Foundation I had the opportunity to meet other colleagues who have inspired me and taught me about the world of the academia. I thank the Board of Director for this great opportunity!

Sindy ChapaAssistant Professor and Associate Director of The center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets at Texas State University

Dear Professor Jag Sheth,

I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time to attend and give talk at Sheth Research Camp at U of Pittsburgh last week. That was an amazing experience, including interacting with UPitt's marketing faculty and doctoral students for research ideas and life experience, chatting with other guest speakers and observing their talks, and simply enjoying the beautiful scene at the 7Spring Resort!

Thank you very much for your generous support to the research camp. Our discipline is so fortune to have you as a colleague and role model for us!

Tony Haitao CuiDeputy Associate Dean for Global DBA, Carlson School of Management, Univ. of Minnesota

In 2008, I was fortunate to receive the Association for Consumer Research (ACR)/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Grant in the Cross-Cultural/Global Track. I had also been selected to represent the university where I was studying for my PhD (The University of California, Irvine), as UC Irvine’s Consortium Fellow to attend the 2008 American Marketing Association (AMA) Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium. In 2007 and 2009, I was again a recipient of the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Sheth Foundation Marketing Doctoral Student Association Travel Grants, which allowed me to attend the AMS conferences in those years. The paper I presented at the 2007 AMS conference in Coral Gables, FL was awarded the Jane K. Fenyo Best Paper Award for Student Research. I benefited not only from the financial components of the awards, which allowed me to present my research at conferences and complete my dissertation, but the recognition allowed my research to be acknowledged by my peers in academia.

Samantha CrossAssistant Professor, Marketing of Iowa State University

I received the award at an early stage in my career. When I received it I was already located at Bilkent University in Turkey, my hometown. The award had been a source of pride for me and for my institution. I am happy to receive it, however, I did not experience any specific contribution of the award to my career.

Ozlem SandikciAssistant Professor of Bilkent University

With the early support it provided, The Sheth Foundation was instrumental in helping fund my dissertation, which took me to India to study how foreign companies adapt to the Indian market. Not only did I manage to finish an interesting dissertation which won 3 awards, I also met my wife in India so the Sheth Foundation had a real impact on my life!

Julien CaylaSenior Lecturer in Marketing of University of New South Wales

I am extremely grateful to the Sheth Foundation for their financial support of my research area–low literate consumers. I was blessed to receive multiple dissertation grants sponsored in part by the Sheth Foundation. These grants helped me collect depth interviews with adults who possess limited literacy skills. Because the Sheth Foundation believed in the potential value of my work, I gained confidence and committed myself to working in a previously unexplored area. The dissertation resulted in a Robert Ferber Award-winning article published in the Journal of Consumer Research…a huge accomplishment that would not have materialized without the support (both financial and conceptual feedback) of the Sheth Foundation and its partners. Thank you from the bottom of my heart….

Natalie Adkins, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Marketing of Drake University

The Sheth Foundation allowed me to first interact with very high level and prominent faculty from around the globe. Second funding from the Seth Foundation provided essential financial support during my doctoral program. Not many share my unique situation during graduate school, but I was the primary provider for a spouse and four young children and the financial assistance helped me complete my program on schedule and without delay that was common for my peers.

Brent HathawayDean, College of Business of University of Wyoming

I am the recipient of AIM-SHETH FOUNDATION OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL. My project titled 'An Empirical Study on the Impact of Neuromarketing in Online Retailing in Developing Nations' has been selected for Research Grant by Sheth Foundation. I feel thankful to the foundation for giving me the platform to complete my research project.

Dr Surabhi SinghAssociate Professor-Mktg.

To say that the Sheth Foundation has had a tremendous impact on my academic career would be an understatement. I have a tremendous respect for Madhuri and Jagdish Sheth and what the Sheth Foundation has committed to achieving in the marketing academic community. Like many other doctoral students, I have had the opportunity to interact with Jagdish Sheth and benefit from his advice and kindness to doctoral students. As an assistant professor, I am convinced that my path to successful completion of the doctoral degree in marketing, and my subsequent acceptance of an academic position, was facilitated by the indirect support of the Sheth Foundation during my years in the doctoral program. Thank you.

Samantha CrossAssistant Professor, Marketing of Iowa State University

I am very greatful to Sheth Foundation for giving generous support to PhD students like me. I am attending AIB 2015 conference in India and presenting my research. I am receiving very insightful feedback from the fraternity. All this has been possible only due to the travel grant that I received from the foundation. Thank you very much and I hope I will get an opportunity to contribute to the cause undertaken by the foundation.

Kiran AwateDoctoral Student of The Ohio State University

I am a doctoral student from South Korea. I participated at 2016 AIB Doctoral Consortium in New Orleans. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to be in the consortium and learned many things. I was awarded with travel stipend which helped me a lot for financing my travel expense. I would like to say thank you to the Sheth Foundation for financing AIB doctoral student consortium and for the travel stipend. The consortium helped me with developing my dissertation further and meeting scholars from many different countries as well as doctoral students from different countries. I also learned a lot from many different interactive sessions and presentation during the conference. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and support provided by the Sheth Foundation. Thank you!

Su Jin YeonDoctoral Student of South Korea

My name is Jinsil Kim and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas. I have attended the AIB (Academy of International Business) conference last week in New Orleans and have had the privilege and honor of participating in the Sheth foundation doctoral consortium, as well as being the recipient of the 500$ travel stipend funded by the Sheth foundation. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and for the valuable opportunities you provide to students like myself to further learning and excellence in our field. Your generous scholarship has lightened my financial burden, allowing me to focus on my research, and your kindness has inspired me to pay the debt forward and give back to the community in the near future. Thank you so much again.

Jinsil KimPhD candidate of University of Texas at Dallas

I cannot express my gratitude enough for this grant.

Prof. Jagdish Sheth is a huge inspiration to me and is a role model for the kind of work that I want to do in marketing and for the marketing discipline. Receiving this grant from his foundation is just so deeply meaningful and special to me.

AIM is doing such a wonderful job. The annual AIM-Sheth consortium which I attended in the last two years have really helped me shape my ideas. On behalf of many marketing students, I want to thank the AIM-Sheth collaboration for throwing open so many wonderful opportunities to us.

Thank you once again for awarding me with this grant.I will do my best to do justice to it.

Aishwarya RamasundaramDoctoral Student, Marketing, IIM Bangalore