Information for Leaders of Recipient Organizations

The Sheth Foundation encourages emerging marketing scholarship, prioritizing, global reach, societal impact and thought leadership. It provides grants to designated recipient organizations, rather than individuals. These organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • Association of Consumer Research
  • Academy of International Business
  • Academy of Indian Marketing
  • American Marketing Association
  • Academy of Marketing Science
  • European Marketing Academy Haring Symposium/Indiana University
  • Institute for the Study of Business Markets
  • INFORMS Society for Marketing Science

The Foundation is open to funding a wide range of marketing initiatives, which support marketing scholars, especially at the early stage of their careers. We welcome proposals for activities that can become self-sustaining, so that we usually entertain proposals for (at most) three to five years of funding. Latter years’ funding contingent on effective deployment of the previous year’s funding and annual Sheth Foundation Board approval.

The statement is intended to guide our own decisions, as well as guide our recipient organizations in their relationships with us.

  • The Sheth Foundation develops emerging scholars and emerging scholarship globally – by funding activities that transform lives and have societal impact.
  • Emerging scholars includes early stage career academics, as well as doctoral students.
  • Our commitment to emerging scholarship means that research priorities will change.
  • We are committed to global reach – either activities outside USA or – if needed – providing (international) travel scholarships to selected scholars.
  • The Sheth Foundation requires recipient organization to follow RRBM principles, which emphasizes societal impact, diversity, equality and inclusion and sustainability.
  • We ask recipient organizations to use our branding (e.g., our logo) for funded activities featured on their website and programs, including links to the Sheth Foundation website as appropriate.
  • The capabilities of the recipient organization are taken into account in making funding decisions.
  • If an event, such as a conference, is supported, the Sheth Foundation requests 3-5 minutes on the program to tell its story.
  • Typically, funding is provided for 3-5 years for new projects – contingent on the Board’s favorable evaluation of reports from the recipient organization.
  • Matching funds highly desirable, but not required.

We would like to draw your attention to three important features of our procedures.

  1. Proposal Cover Page. Please complete the attached Proposal Cover Page. Completion of this form will ensure we have the information needed to make a timely decision. We ask for information about how your organization used previously awarded funds, as well as information that can be featured on our website. You may wish to attach supporting documents to your Proposal.
  2. Liaison. One person on our Board of Directors is designated to work with each recipient organization. In turn, we ask each organization to appoint a person to act as a liaison with the Sheth Foundation. To ensure continuity, we hope to be able to work with the same person over multiple years.
  3. Virtual Visit. We welcome an opportunity for our Board liaison to visit with your leadership team at an upcoming meeting to further deepen our working relationship.

Please note that the Sheth Foundation has endorsed Responsible Research in Business and Management Principles, which emphasize that business research should be both useful and credible. See: We ask that our recipient organizations seek to align any proposed activities with these general principles, which emphasize societal impact and sustainability. In addition, we are committed to supporting activities that ensure diversity, equality and inclusion for all.

The Sheth Foundation operates on an annual cycle, whereby we issue a request for proposals in February. We ask recipient organizations to return the Proposal Cover Page  and accompanying documents by August 1, to [email protected] and with a copy to our Administrative Director Laura Hidalgo at [email protected]. Notification of the outcome