Developing Marketing Scholars Globally

The Sheth Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop and recognize scholars and scholarship in marketing globally and further the development of marketing thought.

Coronavirus Update

The Sheth Foundation has moved to virtual activities due to COVID-19 challenges. Some activities have shifted to virtual formats and some events have been postponed. For example, the European Marketing Academy Conference-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition ordinarily culminates in presentations by three finalists at the EMAC Conference. When this year’s EMAC Conference in Budapest was canceled, the Selection Committee (Eitan Muller, Michael Haenlein and Ajay Kohli) conferred with EMAC President, Luk Warlop, and Sheth Foundation President, Ruth Bolton, about how best to move forward. The decision was made for the three finalists to make virtual presentations that would be open to EMAC members. The Competition finalists will receive their cash awards this year, and will be recognized at 2021 EMAC.

2020 AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium

The 2020 AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium has been cancelled due to COVID-19, but Consortium Fellows will be engaged in substitute activities. Consequently, Indiana University will host the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium in 2021, and the University of Texas – Austin and BI Norwegian Business School have graciously agreed to move their hosting to the following consecutive years.

Our Board Members

The Sheth Foundation is fortunate to count global marketing thought leaders as members of its dedicated, volunteer Board. Typically comprised of hard-working individuals (some of whom have served since the origination of the Foundation) the current members include:

Ruth Bolton

Ruth Bolton


Doug Bowman

Douglas Bowman

Vice President

Angela Lee

Angela Lee


Richard Lutz

Richard Lutz


Naresh Malhotra

Naresh Malhotra


Reshma Shah

Reshma Shah



Grants from The Sheth Foundation typically fall into three major areas in support of the mission to advance marketing thought:

Knowledge Creation

Multiple initiatives support knowledge creation.  The Sheth Foundation strives to support students and faculty members to come together and advance marketing thought.

Knowledge Dissemination

Long-term marketing experts who have made significant contributions to advance marketing thought have agreed to participate in sharing their marketing knowledge.

Knowledge Recognition

The Sheth Foundation Medal for Exceptional Contribution to Marketing Scholarship and Practice is a bi-annual award designed to recognize marketing academics.

I received the award at an early stage in my career. When I received it I was already located at Bilkent University in Turkey, my hometown. The award had been a source of pride for me and for my institution. I am happy to receive it, however, I did not experience any specific contribution of the award to my career.

Ozlem SandikciAssistant Professor of Bilkent University

With the early support it provided, The Sheth Foundation was instrumental in helping fund my dissertation, which took me to India to study how foreign companies adapt to the Indian market. Not only did I manage to finish an interesting dissertation which won 3 awards, I also met my wife in India so the Sheth Foundation had a real impact on my life!

Julien CaylaSenior Lecturer in Marketing of University of New South Wales

Thanks to the Sheth Foundation I had the opportunity to meet other colleagues who have inspired me and taught me about the world of the academia. I thank the Board of Director for this great opportunity!

Sindy ChapaAssistant Professor and Associate Director of The center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets at Texas State University

The travel stipends that Sheth Foundation provides to Ph.D. students to attend annual meeting of AIB are critical to their success. My students have benefited from this generous support over the years. Thank you.

Tatiana KostovaUniversity of South Carolina

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