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AIM Research Proposal Funding

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Academy of Indian Marketing

Marketing can be a very helpful force to serve society. It is perhaps the most critical function for social causes, government programs for social development and for all NGOs’ initiatives.

Proposals focusing on theory development, empirical testing of theoretical frameworks and the examination of marketing practice as a force for good are all equally welcome.


2020 Consumer Behavior
  • Priya Narayanan | Social Distance and Physical Distancing: Impact of Perceived Discrepancy in Distance on Adoption of Social Health Measures
  • Dr. Shveta Kalra, Prof. Kavita Sharma and Emmanuel Elioth Lulandala | Mobile Health Apps for sustainable health management
2020 Marketing Strategy
  • Isha Sharma, Kokil Jain, Abhishek Behl and M S Balaji | Charting the course for inclusive services: Perspectives from the differently-abled consumers
  • Dhrithi Mahadevan | Blows for You and Bows for You: An Analysis of Customer Experience Attribution in Access-Based Services
2020 Marketing Analytics
  • Tripti Mahara and Lakshmi Shankar Iyer | Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis to determine the online purchase behaviour towards wooden toys in India
  • Anuj Kapoor and Salil Khetani | Interplay between humour and credibility of online influencers and its impact on user engagement and willingness to purchase

2019 Consumer Behavior
Prof. Atul ParvatiyarDirector, Center for Sales & Customer Relationship Excellence, Texas Tech University – Rawls College of Business, USA

2019 Consumer Behavior
Prof. Abhishek Mishra, Associate Professor, Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, IIM, Indore, India

2019 Marketing Strategy
Prof. Rajan Varadarajan, University Distinguished Professor and Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Regents Professor, Ford Chair in Marketing & E-Commerce, Texas A&M, USA

2019 Marketing Strategy
Prof. Shainesh. G Professor, Marketing, IIM, Bangalore, India

2019 Marketing Analytics
Prof. Sanjit Roy, Senior Lecturer in the Business School at University of Western Australia

2019 Marketing Analytics
Prof. Prof. Arunachalam, S, Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business, ISB, India

2018 Consumer Behavior
Rishi Dwesar – Is it a news story or an advertisement? Evaluating persuasiveness of Programmatic Native versus Traditional Banner Ads

2018 Consumer Behavior
Sridhar Samu and Vidya Mahambare – Consumer Decision Making about Financial Products: How Chit Funds Offer Dual Options

2018 Managerial
Aishwarya Ramasundaram – The Point of No Return

2018 Managerial
Irudaya Veni Mary and Navena Nesakumari – Adoption of Digital Marketing in Social Enterprises

2018 Marketing Analytics
Aditi Mudgal and Amrendra Pandey – Developing Lexicon for mapping Consumer Perception of Indian Brands using Online Narrative Campai gns

2018 Marketing Analytics
Surabhi Singh and Parikshit Kala – An Empirical Study on the Impact of Neuromarketing in Online Retailing in Developing Nations

AIM Research Proposal

I am the recipient of AIM-SHETH FOUNDATION OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL. My project titled ‘An Empirical Study on the Impact of Neuromarketing in Online Retailing in Developing Nations’ has been selected for Research Grant by Sheth Foundation. I feel thankful to the foundation for giving me the platform to complete my research project.

Surabhi Singh
Dr. Surabhi Singh
Associate Professor-Mktg.
AIM Research Proposal

I cannot express my gratitude enough for this grant.

Aishwaryar Ramasundaram
Aishwarya Ramasundaram
Doctoral Student, Marketing, IIM Bangalore